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Frustrated with the built-in Messages app? Want more features? Wish it was much quicker to compose or reply to messages? Then biteSMS is for you, with lots of extra features like Quick Reply, Quick Compose, Scheduled Messages, Auto-Forward, Passcode Lock, Privacy, Contact Pics, Easy Pick Smileys, Templates, Signatures, Delayed Sending, Themes and much more!

Simply use biteSMS as a complete souped-up replacement to the built-in Messages application on iPhone and iPod devices.

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It's completely free and most features are accessible for free! There are no other 'pro' or 'full' versions of biteSMS. It's nice and simple.

We do however after 7 days display a small advertising banner, this contributes to the ongoing development of biteSMS.

You can also support us by buying a license and we won't show you ads again.

For iOS 5, 6 and 7.