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SMS Marketing

Take A Bite Out of The Competition - #1 Text Message Marketing

Statistics across the Globe show text message marketing is extremely effective. There are many advantages of mobile SMS marketing services when compared to email, PPC, or social.

94% of sent messages are read within 3 minutes. It shortens response time and laser-targets the correct audience for an increase in sales.

Promotions, Alerts and Engagement Made Easy with the #1 Rated Bite SMS Marketing Software & Tools

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Bite SMS Marketing

It's no secret, some of the biggest Global brands use short message services to generate and increase brand loyalty and more importantly sales.

Bite SMS makes the same technology available for businesses of every size. It is simple, easy to setup and easily recorded to track who opened your message, what links they clicked, and who ignored the short message. A/B testing is now faster than ever with instant feedback.

The best text message marketing for small business is here, with Bite SMS - begin a FREE trial.

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See Who Loves BiteSMS

Soderman SEO Las Vegas

Randy Soderman, Founder of Soderman SEO in the Las Vegas Agency location.
"We leverage BiteSMS for SEO client success in the Las Vegas, Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Clients are busy and BiteSMS along with our ringless voicemail drops software makes quite an SEO client success process for our Nevada, Phoenix and Scottsdale branch."

On Track Garage Door Service Company

Matt, Founder of On Track Garage Door Service in Phoenix, Arizona.
"As a data driven business, BiteSMS allows us to receive valuable feedback from our clients. We rely heavily on this service across Arizona."

Elite Web Design in Phoenix

Tiffany Hayden, President of Elite Web Design in Phoenix, Arizona.
"BiteSMS allows our clients to add a percieved value to their websites. This combination with our seo services keeps the sales funnel full."

Press "Send" and your
message goes out instantly.

...it's that easy.

Previously, our system would be perfect for those seeking an app to forward text messages iphone. Our system platform would be ranked #1 to forward sms iphone automatically. Frustrated with the built-in Messages app? Want more features? Wish it was much quicker to compose or reply to messages? Then biteSMS is for you, as we have teamed up with Mighty Meta Web Designers on Behance, to expand on lots of extra features i.e. Auto Text Forwarding for iPhone, Quick Reply, Quick Compose, Scheduled Messages, Auto-Forward, Passcode Lock, Privacy, Contact Pics, Easy Pick Smileys, Templates, Signatures, Delayed Sending, BiteSMS Themes and much more!

Texas-based pay per click (PPC) and web design agency, Pool Builder Lead Rocket Company, is now using BiteSMS to collect valuable feedback from their clients. BiteSMS is a user-friendly tool that allows businesses to quickly gather feedback via text message. This Texas-based company saw an opportunity to use BiteSMS to improve their customer relations. "We are a data driven business and this allows us to receive valuable feedback from our clients," said Customer Success Manager of Pool Builder Lead Rocket Company. "It's a fast and easy way to get insights that we can use to improve our business." With BiteSMS, the company can send out one-time or recurring surveys to our clients and receive responses in real-time. Our company is committed to providing the best possible service to their clients and is always looking for ways to improve. By using BiteSMS, they are able to collect the valuable feedback they need to continue providing quality service.

Simply use biteSMS as a complete souped-up replacement to the built-in Messages application on iPhone and iPod devices. Those that were interested learned how to forward a text message on iphone 7 and auto forward sms to email iphone. Forwarding a text on an iphone was streamlined via our platform.

Does it cost anything?

It's completely free and most features are accessible for FREE! There are no other 'pro' or 'full' versions of biteSMS. It's nice and simple.

We do however after 7 days display a small advertising banner, this contributes to the ongoing development of biteSMS. You can also support us by buying a license and we won't show you ads again.

Saving money

If your mobile carrier charges a lot for sending SMS messages (internationally for example), you can instead buy biteSMS credits and send messages much cheaper via the biteSMS network.

It's the same price to send an SMS to anywhere in the world. You seem to be in United States, where each credit only costs 12 US cents to send an SMS message to anywhere in the world!

Getting started

Simply install the biteSMS application on your iPhone or iPod, and check out all the great features. Bitesms cydia.

After your 7-day ad-free trial, you have 3 options: do nothing and pay nothing (and we'll show you ads), buy a full license, or buy some credits (iPhone users only). iPhone Jailbreak Text Messaging App.